TRX Banner630 TRXSuspension training is one of the hottest trends in the International Fitness industry right now. Completing your course will make you part of the International TRX suspension train group with access to the website that will guide and help you to find the correct exercises for your clientele needs.

Come and experience what all the fuss is about. Learn the basic concepts and exercises that make this form of exercise so effective. Understand the science behind the suspension trainer and leave with a variety of exercising from rehabilitation to movements to improve your daily living.

Having knowledge in this piece of equipment will definitely separate you from the rest of the field and ensure that you are seen as a ‘leader’ in the industry.

Completing your course successfully with Master TRX suspension trainer Scott Schreuder will assure you understand the fundamentals of the TRX suspension trainer:

• Bodyweight exercise and how to incorporate it into your training and client programs.
• Properly perform over 70 TRX exercises
• Progress and regress TRX exercises for all fitness levels
• Adjust resistance and stability for all exercises
• Cue and correct common faults
• Correctly set up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer™