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  • The Benefits of Group Exercise

    The Benefits of Group Exercise

    Getting motivated to start your day an hour earlier to hit the gym or go out for a run before the break of dawn with nothing but your aching quads to keep you company, can at times be a challenge. Sticking to an exercise routine takes motivation on any good day and even more so […]

  • Stress less by moving more

    Stress less by moving more

    This week we are looking at how to can use exercise to combat stress!! Before we start I want to remind you that we are designed to move, not sit!! Back in the day when we had to hunt for survival there was no boss man phoning you after hours to finish a project or […]

  • Metabolic benefits of HIIT

    Metabolic benefits of HIIT

    In our previous article we discussed HIIT in its basic form and touched on some overall fitness benefits. Today we are digging a little deeper to have a look at evidence supporting 4 important metabolic changes your body will experience with HIIT. Cardiovascular Fitness Research done by Boutcher (2011) shows that performing HIIT for 2-15weeks […]

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  • LAST CALL 2014 Personal Trainers to Watch Nominations

    LAST CALL 2014 Personal Trainers to Watch Nominations

    If you think you are one of the world’s Personal Trainer to Watch, or know someone who deserves the title, enter now. The top 10 finalists will compete in a live judging event as the final round of judging, creating workouts and demonstrating their teaching skills utilizing the Life Fitness functional training system, Synrgy360, and […]

  • PUMA Primal

    PUMA Primal

    As we have evolved, modern life has caused us to neglect our natural movements, resulting in an unconventional and unconditioned posture, which in turn causes major problems for, and stress on, our bodies. Learn to move the way nature intended us to. PUMA Primal introduces our primal, natural movements back into our lives holistically, to improve our […]

  • Personal Training Opportunities

    Personal Training Opportunities

    In association with OneonOne wellness facilities, InFitness is proud to offer the best value for money Personal Training opportunities on the market today. Lowest management fees in South Africa!!! With corporate clients right on your doorstep…. Included in your management fee, is the following: Internationally recognised CPD programming CPR/First Aid Professional Body Registration Insurance Client […]

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  • HITT – the Less is more way of training.

    HITT – the Less is more way of training.

    The concept of spending hours doing long-slow-distance (LSD) to get results is FAST becoming a thing of the past. Get in and Get out with HIIT!! With HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) you are able to get the same or in many cases, better results, in half the time.. What is HIIT really? HIIT, or […]

  • Intermittent Fasting III

    Intermittent Fasting III

    Part 3   The Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting So you are eliminating those sugar cravings, snack foods and turning into a fat-burning machine and so making it far easier to maintain a healthy body weight. Beside burning fat as fuel, the magnet attracting most to IF, science has confirmed there are many other good […]

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